There was one person who should have been on Safari with me in 2023 & 2024; someone who was at my side every second of our previous safaris, ‘binos' scanning, notebook at the ready to record names of the animals and birds that I photographed:  my dearest Sal, childhood friend and soulmate for 57 years.
Sal was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer in 2018.  She fought - we all fought - throughout Covid, lockdown and the three years that ensued before she passed away in 2021.
At the very core of our fight were the team at Salisbury Hospice Charity (SHC).  They supported Sal - and our family - every step of the way. We were determined to nurse her at home throughout - and we did - but it wasn’t easy for them.  The Hospice at Home team were with us every day we needed them and the Hospice Consultants and specialist nurses visited us regularly.  Total support.
Salisbury Hospice charity costs £2.9 million to run each year, of which the charity aims to raise £1.5 million itself.
As a family, we have been supporting SHC for quite some time - it's ongoing. 
I want to use this website to continue ‘Giving Back’
I want all my Safari images to be visible to all those who helped me to have such a wonderful time - UK organisers, Camp Managers & Staff, Guides, fellow-travellers, family, friends in UK.
I also want to make actual images available to those who would like them.
So, if you have enjoyed your visit please consider a donation to SHC. 
To get to my Just Giving page, type the following into your browser:

Please use the CONTACT ME! page for messages.  Thank You.

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