On safari, the key players are the people who devote themselves to making sure that everything goes smoothly and is enormous fun!
As hitherto, in the UK I was guided and organised by Francis Naumann and the team at Aardvark Safaris - they really know their business!     (www.ardvarksafaris.com)
In the camps, the key players were the camp Manager and his/her staff - who were invariably always smiling - and for whom nothing was ever too much trouble!
Kicheche Laikipia     Louise Wood 
Safari Series           Ed & Moon Hough (owners)
Serian Mara North   Roisin        
Kicheche Valley       Minnie Nyokabi & Joyce Naeku
Even more key, for me, are the guides/drivers, whose genuine friendship, piercing eyesight and identification of everything that moved, ensured that my time in the bush was pure magic and enjoyment!
Kicheche Laikipia      Joshphat Sapit
Safari Series            James
Serian Mara North    Francis Sengeny & John Mark Karkar                      Kicheche Valley        Langisa Twala

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